Have you ever given a gift to someone only to learn later that they never used it? A friend once gave me a piece of art at a time when I was extremely busy. Because I couldn't figure out immediately where to put it, I stuck it in a closet until I could give it some thought. Well, as you could imagine, I ended up forgetting all about it until about a year later when my friend visited my home again. He looked around my house and he said, "Well, how do you like the painting that I gave you last year?" My face turned red as I responded, "What painting is that?" Then he looked at me and said, "Well, I guess that answers my question. If you had liked it, you certainly would have used it."

Well, something like this is true with Christian theology. As followers of Christ, we believe that God has given the gift of his self-revelation to all of us, and we show how much we appreciate it