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    Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS), in partnership with Third Millennium Ministries (IIIM), is pleased to offer an online Certificate in Christian Ministry via this website.

    About this Certificate Program:

    The Certificate in Christian Ministry is offered by Birmingham Theological Seminary only via this website and is intended to equip pastors and other Church leaders. IIIM, which produced the video and audio courses contained here, exists to provide a Biblical education to the world for free. BTS fully supports IIIM’s mission and believes IIIM has produced superior educational resources. For more information on BTS, go here. IIIM is not an educational institution and does not award academic credits or degrees. The educational resources produced by IIIM and placed on this website are provided to the student for free. Likewise, BTS does not charge tuition to students enrolled in the Certificate in Christian Ministry program.

    How can this be free?

    Birmingham Theological Seminary offers students high quality theological education at a low price both in the classroom and online. The Certificate in Christian Ministry is a special program designed to meet the needs of the global church. We are able to provide this special program for free through our partnership with Third Millennium Ministries and the generosity of donors who have a vision to sponsor theological training for those who can least afford it. If you share this vision we invite you to donate to this effort so that BTS can expand the number of students in the Global Church who can receive free theological training.

    Who Can Apply?

    Non-U.S. residents may take courses in the Certificate in Christian Ministry curriculum for academic credit and will, upon satisfactory completion of all required courses, earn a Certificate in Christian Ministry from BTS. The specific requirements for each course are set forth in the syllabus for that course. Academic credits earned in this Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM) program may not be transferred to or applied to any other certificate or degree offered by BTS. Begin the application process here to pursue the Certificate in Christian Ministry. The CCM student handbook is located here.

    U.S. residents (regardless of citizenship or immigration status) may not take these courses for academic credit at BTS or earn the BTS Certificate in Christian Ministry. However, U.S. residents may and are encouraged to view the courses, download the readings and take the quizzes and exams for their own edification. Students interested in taking BTS academic courses for credit toward a masters degree can find more information here.

    Interested in leading a group of students?

    If you are interested in taking a group of students (known as a “cohort”) through the Certificate in Christian Ministry, you should consider the BTS Cohort Program. The Cohort Program is ideal for pastors and ministry leaders who have sufficient biblical training and pastoral experience to lead a group through the CCM, but lack the time to prepare and grade lessons, exams and readings. Cohort students benefit from the mentoring relationship with the Cohort Leader and from the interactions with one another (Prov. 27:19). Cohort Leaders must have reliable internet access and may not themselves be a student in the CCM program. Additional information on the Cohort Leader Program is available here.

    More Questions?

    Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see if you find the answers you need.

    Master of Arts in Theological Studies !

    How do you become a Christian?

    Birmingham Theological Seminary is making plans to offer an online Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) for qualified graduates of the Certificate in Christian Ministry Program. MATS students will be expected to pay reasonable tuition and fees. Announcements and information on the MATS will appear on this website.

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