Lesson 3: Major Themes of Acts
Section 3: The Church


III. The Church

A. Necessity

  1. Physical Limitations

  2. Temporal Limitations

B. Preparation

  1. Teaching

  2. Officers

  3. Hardships



1. Summarize why the apostles needed to delegate others to preach the message of the gospel, as explained by Dr. Bayer?
2. What event made the apostles especially aware of the fact that not all of them would survive until Christ returned, according to Dr. Bayer?
3. In Ephesians 2:19-20, the apostles and prophets are called the _______ of the Church.
4. In Acts 2:42, we read that the early believers dedicated themselves to the "apostles' _____________".
5. Have all Christian churches agreed that there are two biblical offices in the Church (i.e. - elders and deacons)?
6. In Acts 6, they chose men full of the Spirit and wisdom to help with what task?
7. In Acts 14:23, we read that Paul and Barnabas appointed _______ in each church.
8. In the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15), who made the official decision?
9. In Acts 14:21-22, Paul and Barnabas told the disciples that they must enter the kingdom of God "through many _______".
10. Who was the leader of the church in Jerusalem when Acts was written?
11. In Acts 20, what did Paul tell the Ephesian elders about his future?
12. In Acts 20:28-31, Paul tells the Ephesians that what group would arise from among them?


1. What can we learn from the way the apostles prepared the early church with their teaching, by preparing leaders, and by warning of coming hardships?

2. How can you make sure you are submitting to the teachings of the apostles?

3. How is your church carrying out the mission of expanding the kingdom of God? What can your church do to improve its efforts? In what ways can you personally help your church expand the kingdom of God?

4. Who are the leaders of your church? How can you show more respect and appreciation for them?

5. How can you help train and develop more leaders for your church?

6. Have you personally experienced any kind of hardship because of your faith? Explain how it happened and how you responded.

7. What is the most significant insight you have learned from this study?
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