In preparation for this lesson, you should browse through the Book of Acts and make your own outline of the book.

Also, read Acts 7 carefully and write down the key points of Stephen's speech.

This lesson has three sections:

Rhetorical Strategy
Modern Application

Goals and Objectives of Lesson 2


We would like to accomplish the following in this lesson:

1. We hope you will become excited about doing your part to help expand the kingdom of God, and that you will increase your interest in studying The Book of Acts, focusing on the structure and content in this lesson.

2. We hope you will know key information about the structure and content of the Book of Acts, and that you will understand the guidelines for applying the teachings of Acts today.

3. We hope that you will apply key teachings from Acts to your own life.


When you do the following, it will show that the goals are met:

1. Use all the resources and complete all the written assignments of the lesson, expressing your own thoughts and attitudes regarding the Book of Acts and the expansion of the kingdom of God.

2. Obtain a satisfactory grade on the test, demonstrating that you can identify key information related to the structure and content of The Book of Acts, and that you can distinguish key guidelines for applying the teachings of Acts today.

3. Answer the application questions in the study guides, showing how you apply the teachings of the lesson to your own life.

"Instructions for Lesson 2"

Carefully read the "Instructions for Lesson 2." You may want to print them out so that you can refer to them as you proceed through the assignments.

If you need a little reminder of how to do the assignments, go back to the instructions of lesson one and read the "General Instructions for Assignments" again.

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