Before you can apply to become a cohort_leader in the BTS Certificate in Christian Ministry program offered by Birmingham Theological Seminary...

...your email address must be validated. We do not want you to spend time filling out the full application, only to waste your effort because the email address you entered was mistyped or did not work.

Fill out the form below. After you submit it, you should receive an email message containing information to complete the Cohort Leader application process.


If you do NOT receive the message, you must resolve your email issue first and fill out the form on this page again. Once you have received the email, you will have the instructions and the link which will continue the application process.

If you experience difficulty, please call Birmingham Theological Seminary by telephone at +1 205-776-5650 or send an email (via a different working address) to

If you do not successfully validate your email address (by clicking on the link in your email validation message) within 30 days, your application attempt will be discarded.