J. Clark Murray, Handbook of Christian Ethics, Parts 3 and 4

Review Questions:


Chapter 1

1. What is the author's opinion regarding monasticism?

2. What are the three forms of society which are necessary for man, according to the author?

Chapter 2

1. What term does the author use to describe "that ideal community of spirit among all true Christians which is commonly spoken of as the communion of saints."

2. What term is used to describe the Church as a social organization?

3. What problem has often been caused by loyalty to a particular Church, according to the author?

4. What is the author's view regarding the form of worship?

5. What is the author's view of the separation of Church and State?

6. Does the author think that the Reformation did away with religious persecution?  

Chapter 3

1. What is the foundation upon which Christian marriage must rest?

2. In what sense was Jesus a "social reformer," according to J. Clark Murray?

3. Does the author believe that the marriage bond is dissoluble under any circumstances?

4. What attitude does the author call the "foundation of moral character" that must be developed in childhood?

Chapter 4

1. The author argues, "An ideal society must be one after the type of _________."

2. What is the purpose of the State, according to the author?

3. What is "anarchism"?

4. What does the author teach about Jesus' view of wealth?

5. Why does the author opposes gambling?

6. Does the author believe that the early Christians in Jerusalem practiced an early form of communism?


Chapter 1

1. "Method is simply a Greek word for ________."

2. The method of moral training is found in the formation of _______.

Chapter 2

1. The author explains that the habit of virtue requires learning to use the power of our will to control the attraction towards pleasure and the revulsion of _______.

2. Murray says that "In the first place, to make any moral discipline effective, it is essential that it should be a perfectly ________ undertaking."

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