Lesson 8: The Existential Perspective: Being Good
Section 2: Fall


II. Fall

A. Nature

B. Will

C. Knowledge

  1. Access to Revelation

  2. Understanding of Revelation

  3. Obedience to Revelation

1. How does the lesson define man's "nature"?

2. How does the lesson describe the effects of the Fall on man's nature?

3. What is man's "will"?

4. What metaphor does Paul use in Romans 6-8 to describe man's fallen nature?

5. Explain the teaching of the Westminster Confession of Faith regarding the works of the unregenerate.

6. According to the lesson, how did the Fall affect man's ability to have a proper knowledge of God's commands?

7. Explain the three areas of man's knowledge that were corrupted by the Fall.

8. Explain the teaching of the lesson regarding the relationship between knowledge and obedience.

9. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the following Bible passages:

Romans 8:5-8
Matthew 7:9-11
John 17:26
Matthew 13:13-15
Proverbs 15:33

1. How have your experienced the effects of the Fall on your will? Do you sometimes struggle even to desire what is right? How can your desires be changed?

2. In the past have you tended to think only about how knowledge leads to obedience, but not the other way around? How has the lesson changed the way you perceive this relationship now?

3. What practical importance does the reciprocal relationship between knowledge and obedience have to you? How have you experienced the way your obedience or disobedience has affected your knowledge of God and His Word? Give examples.

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