In preparation for this lesson, read Romans 6-8. Write down your thoughts about the change in a person's relation to sin when he becomes a Christian. How did sin affect him before? How does it affect him as a Christian?

This lesson will be divided into three major sections:


Goals and Objectives of Lesson 8


In this lesson, we would like to accomplish the following:

1. We hope you will be encouraged to gain the victory over sin as you learn more about the complete redemption in Christ.

2. We hope you will make use of all the resources and activities of the lesson to understand key biblical teachings regarding the nature of man as created in God's image, the affects of the Fall on man, and the blessings of redemption in Christ.

3. We hope you make some changes in your life as a response to the teachings of this lesson, gaining greater victory in your struggle against sin and temptation.


When you have done the following, it will show that the goals are met:

1. Use all the resources and complete all the written assignments of the lesson, expressing how the lesson has encouraged you in the spiritual struggle against sin and temptation.

2. Obtain a satisfactory grade on the test, demonstrating that you can identify key aspects of the meaning of the image of God in man, the nature of the enslaving effects of the Fall on man, and the liberating nature of redemption in Christ.

3. Answer the application questions in the study guides, showing how you have applied the teachings of the lesson to your life.

"Instructions for Lesson 8"

Carefully read the "Instructions for Lesson 8." You may want to print them out so that you can refer to them as you proceed through the assignments.

If you need a little reminder of how to do the assignments, go back to the instructions of lesson one and read the "General Instructions for Assignments" again.

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