Lesson 6: The Situational Perspective: Pursuing Our Goal
Section 1: Circumstances of the Kingdom



I. Circumstances of the Kingdom

A. Importance of the Kingdom

  1. Beatitudes

  2. Lord’s Prayer

  3. Earthly Needs

B. Components of the Kingdom

  1. King

  2. People

  3. Covenants

C. Development of the Kingdom

  1. Initial Peace

  2. Rebellion

  3. Final Peace


1. According to Dr. Frame, what is the highest goal of Christian ethics?

2. Explain how the Beatitudes focus on the theme of the kingdom of God.

3. Explain how the Lord's Prayer focuses on the theme of the kingdom of God.

4. What are the main components of the kingdom of God?

5. What does "suzerain" mean?

6. What was man's task in the Garden of Eden?

7. How did the focus of the kingdom of God change at the time of Abraham?

8. What was the focus of the kingdom of God at the time of the New Testament?

9. What did ancient kings establish to administer their empires?

10. What are the main aspects of a covenant?

11. Name the six major covenants of the Bible.

12. What are the phases of the development of the kingdom of God?

13. What is the "protoevangelion" (sometimes spelled "protoevangelium")?

14. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the following Bible passages:

1 Timothy 1:17
Matthew 6:31-33
Psalm 47:9


1. What practical difference does it make for you to know that the highest goal of Christian ethics is the glory of God through the triumph of His kingdom on earth?

2. Did the lesson help you understand the Lord's Prayer better? How does it affect the way you pray?

3. Describe a practical example of how paying proper attention to the kingdom of God might help you make an ethical decision.
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