Lesson 2: Paul and the Colossians
Section 2: Structure and Content


II. Structure and Content

A. Salutation

B. Encouragements

D.  Final Greetings (4:7-18)

C. Supremacy of Christianity

  1. Supremacy of Christ

  2. Supremacy of Christ’s ministers

  3. Supremacy of Salvation in Christ

  4. Supremacy of Christian Living


1. Explain what we can learn about Paul’s letter to the Colossians from the salutation, encouragements, and final greetings.

2. What is the main them of the letter to the Colossians?

3. List the three ways in which Paul shows the supremacy of Christianity.

4. Explain the six ways in which Paul highlights the supremacy of Christ.

5. What does it mean that Christ is the “image” of God? Explain how this is different from the concept of some Greek philosophers and Gnostics.

6. What does it mean that Christ is the “firstborn” of creation?

7. Explain the five ways in which Christ’s ministers are supreme.

8. Explain the differences between the ethical teachings of the false teachers of Colosse and the teachings of Paul about Christian living.


1. How should understanding that Christ is the supreme agent of creation shape your approach to the world’s challenges and opportunities?

2. How has Christ reconciled you to God? What areas of your world or relationships would be different if Christ’s reconciling work were brought to completion?

3. Paul prayed for the Colossians. How can you follow his example?

4. What does it mean to you personally to understand the supremacy of Christ?

5. What does it mean to you personally to understand the supremacy of the ministers of Christ? Does this seem arrogant to you? Does it encourage you? In what ways?

6. What can you learn from Paul’s teachings about Christian living? What has been your focus previously? Do you sometimes struggle with the tendency to just focus on sin? Do you sometimes try to apply ascetic principles? How can you focus more on the spiritual values and on Christ’s power to overcome sin? How does focusing on your union with Christ help you in your struggle with sin?

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