Lesson 2: Paul and the Colossians
Section 1: Background



I. Background

A. Relationships

  1. Church

  2. Individuals

B. Problems in Colosse

  1. Greek Philosophy

  2. Jewish Law

  3. Spiritual Beings


1. Explain the size and importance of the city of Colosse.

2. Explain the relationship Paul had with the Colossian church as a whole. Had Paul visited the church? Had he visited the city?

3. Name some of Paul’s personal friends from Colosse and explain who they were.

4. What specific communication led Paul to write the letter to the Colossians?

5. What three influences from the false teachers were causing problems among the Colossians?

6. Explain the meaning of the word “philosophy” in the first century.

7. Explain the view of the false teachers in Colosse of the Jewish Law and explain the difference between their view and Paul’s view.

8. How does Dr. Kidd explain the ministry of angels? What are some of the different aspects?

9. What is Dr. Kidd’s view of the supposed visions that some people were supposedly having in Colosse?

10. How does Dr. Kidd understand the phrase “rulers and authorities” in Colossians 1:16?

11. How does Dr. Kidd understand the phrase “basic principles” in Colossians 2:9?


1. The negative influence of the false teachers made it difficult for the Colossian believers to discern truth from error. What influences in your own culture make it hard to discern truth from error? How can Paul’s focus on the supremacy of Christianity guide our own strategy in dealing with error?

2. Do you find some of the elements of the false teachings of Colosse present in your world today? Which ones? In what ways are they apparent? What does Paul’s letter teach you that will help you deal with them?

3. What can you learn from Paul’s example in his way of dealing with the false teachings of Colosse?

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