Luther’s Preface to the book of Romans.

Read the Luther’s Preface to Romans.

Use the study questions below as you read and study for the exams.

1. Who keeps the law of God from his heart?

2. What are Luther’s views about human nature?

3. Why does Paul consider the Jews sinners?

4. How does one fulfill the law?

5. How does faith come?

6. What does faith do to fulfill the law?

7. How does God view those who are in Christ?

8. Understand Paul’s view of sin according to Luther

9. What is faith?

10. Should we now overlook sin?

11. Christ is seen as a “second” what according to Paul?

12. What does Luther teach us about Romans 9, 10 and 11?

13. How do we relate to secular authorities?

14.How should we treat those with a "weak conscience"?

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