Study Guide for Reading Assignment 2

J.Gresham Machen, Origin of Paul's Religion

Read the Origin of Paul’s Religion, chapters 3-4.  Use the study questions below as you read and study for the exams. 

21. Who did Paul meet with in his first trip to Jerusalem after his conversion?

22. What was most likely the issue at hand in Paul’s first conference with the original apostles?

23. Explain the main points of the apostolic decree according to Acts 15:1-29.

24. According to Machen, was the decree of the Council of Jerusalem meant to be applied among all Gentiles?

25. Did Paul demand in his epistles that the Jews give up keeping the Law?

26. What was the early training of Paul like?

27. The Judaizers in Galatia demanded what of the Gentile Christians?

28. Was there a continued conflict between Paul and Peter in regards to the role of the Law in the life of Gentile Christians?

29. Upon what was the religion of Paul based?

30. Did Paul believe that his authority operated totally independent of the Jerusalem Church?

31. Was the early Jerusalem Church was really distinct from contemporary Judaism?

32. In the early period, in Jerusalem, before it had become evident that the Jewish people as such was to reject the gospel message, did the apostles continue to observe the Law?

33. Did the Judaizers object to Paul's teachings on the heavenly nature of Jesus?

34. Did Paul defend his doctrine of Christ frequently in his epistles? Why or why not?

35. According to Machen, what does Paul mean in Galatians when he says that he received his gospel directly from Christ?

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