Study Guide for Reading Assignment 3




Review Questions:

51. Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised, according to the author?

52. Timothy's mother was Jewish or Greek?

53.  What led Paul and Silas to go to Macedonia?

54. What was the demon-possessed girl from Philippi saying about Paul and his brethren (Acts 16)?

55.  How did Paul deal with the demon possessed girl in Philippi (Acts 16)?

56. How did Paul and Silas escape from prison in Philippi (Acts 16)?

57. What did the Philippian jailor ask Paul and Silas (Acts 16)?

58. Where did Paul usually go first to preach when he visited a new city?

59. At the time of Paul, did the synagogues offer sacrifices according to the law of Moses?

60. What was the main subject of Paul's preaching?

61. Why were the Bereans considered "more noble than those in Thessalonica" (Acts 17)?

62. Did Paul use the Scriptures at the Aeropagus in Athens to defend the gospel in the same was as he did with the Jews in the synagogues?

63. About what city did an ancient writer say, "It is easier to find a god than a man"?

64. What did the Epicureans believe about God?

65. To what altar did Paul appeal at the Aeropagus in Athens?

66. What was Paul's first point in his discourse at the Aeropagus in Athens?

67. What point from Paul's preaching made the people from Athens especially mock Paul and laugh at him?

68. Did Paul call on the Athenians to repent?

69. What were the characteristics of the city of Corinth at the time of Paul?

70. Describe the goddess Venus.

71. One thousand _________ were dedicated to the service of Venus.

72. In general, did the Corinthian Jews respond well to Paul's preaching?

73. According to the author, in what sense had the disciples in Ephesus not heard of the Holy Spirit? (Acts 19)

74. What happened when the seven sons of Sceva tried to cast out evil spirits in the name of Jesus in Ephesus (Acts 19)?

75. What were the two main reasons that Demetrius and his companions wanted to stop Paul and his companions from preaching Christ in Ephesus, according to the author?

76. What did Paul tell the elders from Ephesus about returning to visit them (Acts 20)?

77. Does the author believe that Paul disobeyed a divine command of the Holy Spirit when he went to Jerusalem in spite of the warning?

78. What rumor about Paul offended the Zealots in Jerusalem (Acts 21)?

79. What misunderstanding of Paul's actions regarding purification ceremonies in the temple of Jerusalem led to the crowd trying to kill him (Acts 21)?

80. How did Paul respond when Ananias the high priest told the soldiers to smite him on the mouth (Acts 23)?

81. When they told Paul that he should not speak against the high priest, how did Paul respond (Acts 23)?

82. True or false? When Paul told the Sanhedrin that he was on trial for believing in the resurrection, the Pharisees became angry, because they did not believe in the resurrection (Acts 23).

83. True or false? Paul pleaded guilty of "heresy" before Felix, the governor of Judah (Acts 24).

84. Why did Festus send Paul to Rome to be tried?

85. What supernatural event happened on the Island of Malta which showed the natives that Paul was a man of God?

86. Who was the roman emperor when Paul was first in prison there?

87. What was Paul's situation in prison in  Rome (Acts 28)?

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