Review Questions:

1. Who is credited as being the author of the book of Acts?

2. Was the writer of Acts an Apostle?

3. Does the author think that the Apostles were expecting the resurrection of Jesus?

4. How does the author answer the accusation that the resurrection of Jesus is a questionable historical fact, because the only people who reported it were interested followers?

5. According to the text, why did the disciples ask Jesus if He was going to "restore the kingdom to Israel at this time"?

6. Who is listed in chapter 1 of Acts as the recipient of the document?

7. The of Book of Acts is primarily about what?

8. How many days after His resurrection did Christ spend on earth with His apostles?

9. Before His ascension, Jesus sent His disciples to Jerusalem to await what?

10. By whose power did Jesus ascend into heaven?

11. John baptized with _________ but Jesus with ____________________.

12. Pentecost is a celebration in remembrance of what?

13. According to the text, what made the miracle of speaking in tongues so amazing?

14. What are the four activities of the church that are mentioned in Acts 2?

15. Why was the author of the Book of Acts so precise in explaining that the lame man who was healed lay beside the “Beautiful” gate, as opposed to just telling a story about some lame beggar who was healed?

16. ________ and ________ were forced to stand before the Sanhedrin to account for their healing of the lame man at the Beautiful gate.

17. What made the apostles’ defense of the Christian faith so stunning to the Sanhedrin?

18. What was the issue that offended the Sadducees to the point of leading them to persecute Christians?

19. What made the sin of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) especially evil?

20. What was Gamaliel's counsel (Acts 5) regarding how the Sanhedrin should deal with Peter and John?

21. Did the Sanhedrin forbid the Apostles to speak about Jesus?

22. Acts 6 speaks of a disagreement between the "Grecians" and the Hebrews over the treatment of their widows. Who were the "Grecians" mentioned here?

23. What was the complaint of the "Grecians" in the church in Jerusalem?

24. How did they solve the problem regarding the Grecians in the church in Jerusalem (Acts 6)?

25. Of what did the Jews accuse Stephen?

26. When Stephen peered into heaven before his death, what did he see?

27. How did the Jews punish Stephen?

28. Those who were punishing Stephen left their clothes at the feet of a young man named _______, who was consenting to his death.

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