John Gresham Machen, The Literature and History of New Testament Times, chapters 40-52, pages 217-288.

Answer the following review questions:


Chapter 40

40.1 What are the two practical applications of the New Testament teaching about the Church that the author mentions?

Chapter 41

41.1 What was fundamental in the apostolic preaching?

Chapter 42

42.1 What are the four "means of grace" that Christians should use?

Chapter 43

43.1 According to 2 Corinthians 12, 8-9, the Lord answered Paul's prayer by telling him, "My power is made perfect in ________."

Chapter 44

44.1 Machen asserts that the early Christian meetings were held often in _______.

44.2 The author says that the early Christian meetings were usually on what day?

44.3 What three principles does the author mention as guidelines for Christian meetings?

Chapter 45

45.1 To whom did the early church especially give relief?

Chapter 46

46.1 In the Pastoral Epistles, the government of the local church is seen to be entrusted to a body of "_______."

46.2 Which method of choosing the leaders of the local congregation is more in accordance with the spirit of apostolic precedent than any other method, according to the author?

46.3 According to the author, were the New Testament local churches independent of each other?

Chapter 47

47.1 What great transition occurred during the early years after Christ, with regard to the ethnic identity of the Church?

Chapter 48

48.1 What does Paul mean when he makes a contrast between the "flesh" and the "Spirit"?

Chapter 49

49.1 What is the New Testament guideline for the way Christians should handle human relationships in this world?

Chapter 50

50.1 What is the New Testament guideline for the way Christians should relate to modern culture?

Chapter 51

51.1 The author says, "The present age, according to the New Testament, is a time of ____________; it is related to the future glory as a battle is related to the subsequent victory."

51.2 During the present age, the author says, "A prime condition of progress is a ________."

51.3 According to Machen, what kind of freedom does the Holy Spirit bring?

Chapter 52

52.1 What are two key tendencies that were developing in the Church around 325 A.D.?

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