Read John Gresham Machen, The Literature and History of New Testament Times, chapters 40-52, pages 217-288.

Find the link for this PDF file in the "Readings" section of this lesson.

Use the "Study Guide for Reading Assignment 4" to help assimilate the contents of the reading. This guide is found in the "Study Guides" section of this lesson.

When you have finished the reading, take the quiz on it, found in the "Evaluations" section.

If you have correctly answered all the review questions of the study guide, you should do well on the quiz.

When you have finished all the required additional reading and taken all the quizzes on it, take the accumulative test on all the required additional reading.

You should know that the questions on the accumulative test may not be the same as on the quizzes. Some of them may be new. If you would like to make sure you are familiar with all possible questions on the accumulative test, you may go back and practice on the quizzes as many times as you want. The official grade on the quizzes will still be from the first attempt.

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