Read The Prophets of the Old Testament, by Alex R. Gordon.

Find the link for the PDF file of this reading in the "Readings" section of this lesson.

Use the "Study Guide for Reading Assignment 2" to help assimilate the contents of the reading. This guide is found in the "Study Guides" section of this lesson.

When you have finished all the required reading, take the test on it, found in the "Evaluations" section.

If you have correctly answered all the review questions of the study guides, you should do well on the test.

NOTE: The texts for this course offer some very helpful insights in understanding Old Testament Prophecy. You will find however a few remarks that we believe fall short of being faithful to the trustworthiness of God’s Holy Word.  Birmingham Theological Seminary and Third Millennium Ministries recognize that the Scriptures are trustworthy and accurately reveal God’s word to us today.  We trust and hope that you will read these texts with discernment.  

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