Lesson 8: Unfolding Eschatology



I. Mosaic Eschatology

A. Covenant Cycles

B. Covenant Culmination

II. Early Prophetic Eschatology

A. Similarities to Moses

B. Additions to Moses

  1. Kingship
  2. Temple
  3. Gentiles 

III. Later Prophetic Eschatology 

A. Jeremiah’s Expectation

B. Daniel’s Insight

C. Final Outlooks

  1. Initial Hopes
  2. Final Hopes

IV. New Testament Eschatology 

A. Terminology

  1. Gospel
  2. Kingdom
  3. Latter Days

B. Structure

  1. John the Baptist
  2. Jesus

C. Themes

  1. Exile
  2. Restoration



1. Describe the cycles of blessing and cursing that Moses foresaw for God’s people.

2. Describe Moses’ view in which three stages of covenant life would eventually culminate in great blessing for God’s faithful people.

3. In what ways was the early prophets’ eschatology similar to Moses’ eschatology?

4. In what ways did the early prophets add to Moses’ eschatology?

5. What was Jeremiah’s expectation regarding the length of the exile, and how was this fulfilled?

6. What prophetic insight did Daniel give regarding the exile and restoration?

7. In the final outlooks of later prophetic eschatology, during the restoration period, what were the early and later hopes, and how did they differ?

8. Briefly describe the New Testament’s terms “gospel,” “kingdom,” and “latter days,” and explain how they relate to one another.

9. Describe the three stages of the restoration of the kingdom in the New Testament age.

10. How does the New Testament handle the theme of exile in the three stages of the kingdom?

11. How does the New Testament handle the theme of restoration in the three stages of the kingdom?


1. How do covenant blessings and curses apply to believers today?

2. How might the behavior of the modern church affect the way the kingdom comes in the future?

3. How should the understanding that we are living during the continuation of the kingdom of God affect the way modern Christians read Scripture and apply it to their lives?

4. What is the most significant insight you have learned from this study? Why?
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