Genesis 23:1-25:18

Answer the following review questions:

Chapter 23

1. What was the first piece of land that Abraham purchased in Canaan?

2. What price did Ephron ask Abraham to pay for his land?

Chapter 24

1. What did Abraham make his servant swear regarding where he would find a wife for Isaac?

2. Did Abraham agree that Isaac should leave Canaan and go live in Abraham's original land if necessary, in order to marry a wife from Abraham's family?

3. What relation did Rebekah have with Abraham?

4. Does Calvin believe that the method that Abraham's servant used to pray for a wife for Isaac was correct?

5. Was Rebekah reluctant to leave her family and go to be Isaac's wife?

6. What did Rebekah do when she first saw Isaac?

Chapter 25

1. What does Calvin say about when Abraham probably married Keturah?

2. How old was Abraham when he died?

3. Where was Abraham was buried?

4. What phrase does the Bible use to explain what happened to Abraham after he died?

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