Genesis 20-22

Answer the following review questions:

Chapter 20

1. What did Abraham tell Abimelech about Sarah when they were in Gerar? (Genesis 20)

2. In what sense does Calvin think Sarah was Abraham's "sister"?

3. When Abimelech found out that Sarah was Abraham's wife, did he send him away and keep his possessions?

4. What did Abraham pray for Abimelech, and how did God respond?

Chapter 21

1. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

2. After Isaac was born, what did Sarah ask Abraham to do with Hagar and Ishmael, and what did God tell Abraham to do in response?

3. What happened to Ishmael in the wilderness? Did he die before marrying and having children?

4. What kind of agreement did Abraham make with Abimelech?

Chapter 22

1. In what sense did God "tempt" Abraham in Genesis 22?

2. Why was it especially difficult for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?

3. According to Calvin, why did God make Abraham take a journey before sacrificing Isaac? What did Abraham learn on the way?

4. When Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, what did God do?

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