Genesis 17-19

Answer the following review questions:

Chapter 17

1. In what sense was Abram to become "Abraham," father of many nations?

2.Are all those who are naturally born into the covenant as descendants of Abraham elected to eternal life?

3. What ceremony did God establish as a symbol of the covenant with Abraham?

4. What does Calvin assert regarding whether female children were partakers of the sign of circumcision that was applied to the male children?

5. What two spiritual truths were symbolized by circumcision, according to Calvin?

6. Who was supposed to be circumcised?

7. What is the meaning of Sarai's new name "Sarah"?

8. According to Calvin, why did Abraham laugh when God repeated the promises of the covenant to him and gave Sarai her new name "Sarah" (Genesis 17)?

9. What was to be the name of the promised son of Abraham and Sarah?

10. Did God also promise to bless Ishmael and make his descendants into a great nation?

Chapter 18

1. According to Calvin, were the three men who visited Abraham, as recorded in Genesis 18, angels?

2. According to Calvin, why did Sarah laugh when she heard the Lord tell Abraham that she would have a child within a year? 

3. How did Abraham respond when he realized that Sodom was going to be destroyed?

Chapter 19

1. When the two angels went to Sodom (Genesis 19), how did Lot try to protect them from the evil intentions of the men of the city?

2. How did the two angels defend themselves from the evil men of Sodom (Genesis 19)?

3. What happened to Lot when God rained sulfur and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah?

4. What happened to Lot's wife when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

5. According to Calvin, why was Lot's wife punished so severely?

6. What happened to Lot after the destruction of Sodom?

7. What sin did Lot's daughters commit after the destruction of Sodom?

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