STUDY GUIDE 3.2         
Lesson 3: The Life of Abraham: Modern Application
Section 2: Israel and the Church

  II. Israel and the Church

  A. Seed of Abraham

    1. Numerical breadth

    2. Ethnic identity

    3. Spiritual character

    4. Historical situation

  B. Major Themes

    1. Divine Grace

    2. Abraham’s Loyalty

    3. Blessings to Abraham

    4. Blessings through Abraham



1. What does Galatians 3:29 teach us about the seed of Abraham?

2. What was the ethnic makeup of the original audience of Moses as he wrote Genesis? Give biblical evidence.

3. According to Dr. Pratt, to whom do the promises made to Abraham apply today? How do many people make a mistake in their answer to this question?

4. Were all Israelites true believers in the time of Moses? Who received blessings among the Israelites? Explain how the Church today is similar.

5. What are the parallels between the historical situation of Israel in the time of Moses and the situation of the Church today?

6. How are the themes from the life of Abraham reflected in the Church?

7. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the following Bible passages:

      Galatians 3:29
      Exodus 12:38
      Romans 9:6-8
      1 Corinthians 10:1-6


1. Why is it important to recognize the ethnic diversity of the Church? How does this affect the way you should view and minister in the church?

2. Why is it important to recognize that the church contains both believers and unbelievers? How does this affect the way you should view and minister in the church?

3. In what ways do you enjoy the foretastes of blessings that God has given to you as his child?

4. In what ways can you help the Church be an instrument of blessing to the rest of the world?

5. What is the most significant insight you have learned from this study?
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