STUDY GUIDE 3.1               
Lesson 3: The Life of Abraham: Modern Application
Section 1: Abraham and Jesus
    I. Abraham and Jesus
    A. Seed of Abraham
      1. Singularity
      2. Christ as Seed
    B. Major Themes
      1. Divine Grace
      2. Abraham’s Loyalty
      3. Blessings to Abraham
      4. Blessings through Abraham

1. According to Dr. Pratt, what error do people often make in the way they apply the stories of Abraham to our lives today?

2. Explain how Dr. Pratt interprets Galatians 3:16. Focus especially on the way he deals with the word "seed" and with Genesis 22:16-18.

3. According to Dr. Pratt, what must any proper modern application of Abraham's life include?

4. How are the themes from the life of Abraham completed in Christ? Explain this for each of the four themes.

1. In the past, how have you made application of the Bible passages about Abraham? How has this lesson changed the way you will make practical application of these passages now?

2. In what ways does it change the way you view all of the history of the Old Testament when you keep in mind that Christ is the supreme fulfillment of the seed of Abraham?

3. If you recognize Christ as Abraham's seed in your application of the life of Abraham, does this mean that you only talk about Christ, and that you no longer find other more personal applications? How can you harmonize these different aspects of application?
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