In preparation for this lesson, read quickly over Genesis 11:10-25:18 again, thinking this time about what this portion of Scripture might have meant to the original readers in Israel at the time of Moses. Write down your reflections, and any questions you might have.

Goals and Objectives of Lesson 2


In this lesson, we would like to accomplish the following:

1. We hope you will become interested in discovering the original meaning of the story of Abraham in Genesis 11:10-25:18, before making modern application.

2. We hope you will make use of all the resources and activities of the lesson to learn the original meaning of the story of Abraham in Genesis 11:10-25:18.

3. We hope you make some changes in your life as a response to the teachings of this lesson. It should strengthen your faith as you learn from the story of Abraham.


When you have done the following, it will show that the goals are met:

1. Use all the resources and complete all the written assignments of the lesson, expressing your own thoughts and attitudes regarding the importance of understanding the original meaning of the story of Abraham.

2. Obtain a satisfactory grade on the test, demonstrating that you can identify the practical significance of the story of Abraham for Israel as they prepared to enter the Promised Land. You will be able to discern how Moses was making connections between "that world" and "their world," especially how he made use of the background of the life of Abraham, how he made use of Abraham as a model, and how he used "foreshadows" from the life of Abraham, in order to influence Israel at that time.

3. Answer the application questions in the study guides, in which you apply the teachings of the lesson to your own life.

"General Instructions for Assignments"

If you are not very familiar with the process of doing the assignments for a lesson, you should read this PDF tutorial found in the "Instructions" section of Lesson 1. It will guide you through the lesson, step by step. If you are already familiar with the process, you may skip this and go to the more specific "Instructions for Lesson 2."

"Instructions for Lesson 2"

Carefully read these instructions. You may want to print them out so that you can refer to them as you proceed through the assignments.

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