STUDY GUIDE 1.2             
Lesson 1: The Life of Abraham; Structure and Content
Section 2: Major Themes

    II. Major Themes
    A. Key Passage
    B. Unfolding
      1. Divine Grace
      2. Abraham’s Loyalty
      3. Blessings to Abraham
      4. Blessings through Abraham
1. According to Dr. Pratt, what is the key passage in the Genesis account of Abraham? Write out these verses. Make sure you are very familiar with their contents. Explain how these key verses are organized.
2. Explain the apparent contradiction between Acts 7:2-4 and the Genesis account of the life of Abraham. How does Dr. Pratt deal with this?
3. List the major themes in the biblical account of the life of Abraham, as given in the lesson and give a brief explanation of each one.
1. Do you see any parallels between the way God showed his grace to Abraham and the way He has shown grace to you? Explain.
2. God expected loyalty from Abraham. In what concrete ways can you express your loyalty to God in gratitude for the grace He has shown you?
3. In what ways can you be a conduit of blessing to others? In what ways can your church bring blessings to others?
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