Lesson 1: A Perfect World (Genesis 1:1-2:3)
Section 1: Overview



I. Overview

A. Inspiration

  1. Reliability

  2. Design

B. Background

  1. Availability

  2. Interaction

C. Purpose


1. What is Dr. Pratt's position regarding the inspiration of the Bible?

2.  What does Dr. Pratt say about Moses' selection and arrangement of the historical events as he wrote Genesis?

3. Were there other accounts of the origins of the world that would have been available for Moses to read during his youth in Egypt?

4. Describe the basic content of the following ancient document:

The "Enuma Elish"
The "Gilgamish Epic"
The "Atrahasis Epic"

5. How did Moses make use of ancient myths as he wrote Genesis?

6. Describe Moses' purpose in writing Genesis, according to Dr. Pratt.


1. In contrast to the other creation stories in Moses’ day God’s spoken word alone brought order and restrained the chaos. How does the way in which God created the world affect your attitude toward His Word? How does it cause you to worship Him?

2. Moses’ primeval history was intended to validate Israel’s exodus and conquest by showing that they were in accordance with the order God had established in the early history of the world. What parallel can you see in your own spiritual life with the history of the exodus and the conquest of Canaan?

3. What can you learn from the history of the creation that might help you conform better to God's plan?

4. Does the fact that Moses made use of the ancient mythical documents affect your confidence in the inspiration of the Bible? Explain.
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