Lesson 2: The Kingdom of God
Section 3: Nation of Israel


III. Nation of Israel

A. Place

  1. Original Center

  2. Extension

B. People

  1. Selection of Israel

  2. Kingdom of Priests

  3. Priests and Kings

C. Progress

  1. Promise

  2. Exodus and Conquest

  3. Empire


1. What is Dr. Pratt’s opinion about the place of the Garden of Eden? How does he defend his view.

2. What was the place where God focused the establishment of His kingdom during the history of Israel, with the ultimate goal of extending to the whole earth? 

3. What are the names of the rivers that formed the borders on the northeast and on the southwest of the land that God promised Abraham?
4. Explain how the kingdom expanded beyond its original borders in the Old Testament.

5. Explain how God selected a people to establish His kingdom during the history of the nation of Israel.

6. Which of Noah’s sons was chosen to continue this family line?
7. Which of Isaac’s sons continued the line of descent becoming the familial head of the twelve tribes of Israel?
8. Note the contents of Exodus 19:4-6.
9. Whose family was selected to serve in the specialized office of priest?
10. Whose family was chosen to serve in the office of king?

11. What were the three stages in the progress of the kingdom during the history of the nation of Israel?
12. During the time of the patriarchs, God made many promises concerning the future of Israel. Our lesson breaks these down into two categories. What are these categories?
13. Note the main point of Genesis 15:7, Exodus 15:1-18, and 1 Chronicles 28:2.

14. According to Psalm 72:1-17, what was the ultimate purpose in setting up a king, a temple, and a capital city in Jerusalem?

1. Consider how the concept of the kingdom of God is important for understanding the meaning of salvation and your relationship with Christ. Write down some of your ideas.

2. What lessons can we learn from the kingdom of God expressed in the nation of Israel that would be helpful for our churches today?
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