Lesson 2: The Christ
Section 4: Exaltation


IV.  Exaltation

A. Resurrection

  1. Plan of Redemption

  2. Blessings of Salvation

B. Ascension

  1. Apostolic Authority

  2.  Enthronement

C. Session

  1. Word and Spirit

  2. Intercession                                                     

  3. Rule

D. Return

  1. Judgment

  2. Renewal                                                                   



1. What four events make up the exaltation of Christ?

2. What does Jesus' resurrection ensure us?

3. What will Jesus do with all of creation when He returns?

4. Explain the teaching of the lesson regarding the authoritative office of apostle. Was it passed on from generation to generation? For what were the apostles given authority?

5. After His ascension, what did Jesus do?

6. What does "session" mean in theology?

7. What was one of the first ways Jesus exercised His prophetic authority from heaven?

8. According to the lesson, in what sense does Jesus "never lose a case" for His people?

9. What are the teachings of the lesson regarding the judgment? Is it according to works? In what sense? How can we harmonize the teaching about the judgment with the doctrine of salvation by faith alone?

10. Will believers will sit in judgment over the angels?

11.When Jesus returns, will He restore creation exactly the way it was in the Garden of Eden before the Fall?


1. Why is it important to you personally that Jesus was raised from the dead? How would it change your life if He had remained in the tomb?

2. Why is it important to you personally to know that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father,  reigning and interceding for you?

3. What difference does it make to you to know that Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit with great power? In what ways do you experience His power in your life?

4. How do you feel about the judgment?

5. How do you feel about the fact that believers will reign with Christ over creation and that we will judge the angels?

6. What things are especially encouraging to you about the new creation?

7. What things were especially important to you in this whole lesson?
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