Study Guide for Additional Reading Assignment 3

The Two Covenants, Andrew Murray
Chapters 13-18

Answer the following review questions on each chapter:

1. True or false? In the New Covenant, obedience becomes a joy and a delight.

2. "By _______, Abraham obeyed."

3. What word is used to identify the "disposition in God which moves Him to love us freely without our merit, and to bestow all His blessings upon us"?

4. What word is used to identify the "power that moves the heart of the saint, and provides it each moment with just the disposition and the power which it needs to love God and do His will"?

5. What term is used to identify the role of all believers in which we have "the right of free and full access to God, the duty and power  of mediating for our fellow men and being God's channel of blessing to them"?

6. Murray teaches that in order to be faithful ministers of the New Covenant, we must be "ministers of _________."

7. The author says, "There is no attribute of God so difficult to define, so peculiarly a matter of Divine revelation, so mysterious, incomprehensible, and inconceivably glorious, as His ______."

8. True or false? The author says that for believers under the New Covenant, holiness is our very nature.

9. How do we enter the New Covenant?

10. Murray says that we should enter into the New Covenant by passing "through the Gate Beautiful, through ______ the door, into this temple of the love, of the heart, of God."

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