Lesson 6: The Situational Perspective: Pursuing Our Goal
Section 2: Life in the Kingdom


II. Life in the Kingdom

A. Glorify God

  1. Glory of God

  2. Glorification of God

B. Enjoy God

  1. Role of Humanity

  2. Role of Law

1. Make sure you have memorized the answer to question #1 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

2. Write the Greek word and the Hebrew word (the transliterations) for "glory."

3. Explain the meaning of "glory" when we speak of God's physical glory. Explain what we mean when we speak of God's glory in ethics.

4. In what ways can we glorify God? Write down the points that were mentioned in the lesson.

5. For what motive does God want us to obey Him? What wrong motives do we sometimes have?

6. How can suffering be a means of enjoying God?

7. Make sure you are familiar with the contents of the following Bible passages:

Psalm 29:1-2
Romans 14:17
Galatians 3:10
Psalm 19:7-8


1. What would you say is your highest goal in life?

2. Think of a husband who gives his wife a hug. Why does he do it? Who enjoys it? How does this illustrate the fact that when we seek God's pleasure first, we also enjoy it, the fact that when we seek to glorify God, we also enjoy Him?

3. Do you sometimes think only of glorifying God, without enjoying Him? Why do you think that happens sometimes to people? What can you do to both glorify God and enjoy Him?

4. Do you sometimes obey God simply out of fear or out of mere duty, but not out of love? Why? How can you change that?

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