In preparation for this lesson, take a quick glance at the general contents of the Gospel of Luke. Jot down a few major themes that you find.

The lesson is divided into three sections:

Structure and Content
Major Themes

Goals and Objectives of Lesson 4


In this lesson, we would like to accomplish the following:

1. We hope you will become enthusiastic about studying the Gospel of Luke.

2. We hope that you will become familiar with the basic content of the Gospel of Luke.

3. We hope you make some changes in your life as a response to the teachings of this lesson, especially as you become familiar with the major themes of the Gospel of Luke.


When you have done the following, it will show that the goals are met:

1. Use all the resources and complete all the written assignments of the lesson, expressing your own thoughts and attitudes regarding the Gospel of Luke.

2. Obtain a satisfactory grade on the test, demonstrating that you can identify major information about the background, structure and content, and major themes of the Gospel of Luke.

3. Answer the application questions in the study guides, showing how you applied the teachings of the lesson to your own life.

"Instructions for Lesson 4"

Carefully read the "Instructions for Lesson 4." You may want to print them out so that you can refer to them as you proceed through the assignments.

If you are new at doing Third Millennium lessons, read the "General Instructions for Assignments."

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