Genesis 14-16

Answer the following review questions:

Chapter 14

1. What happened to Lot while the kings of the region around Sodom were at war? 

2. What favor did Abram do for Lot while the kings of the region around Sodom were at war? 

3. Who was Melchizedek?

4. According to Calvin, from what city was Melchizedek?

5.  What did Abram give to Melchizedek?

6. According to Calvin, in what ways does Melchizedek represent Christ?

7. According to Calvin what is indicated by the fact that Melchizedek blessed Abram?

8. Did Abram accept any gifts from the king of Sodom for himself?

Chapter 15

1. What does God promise Abram in Genesis 15:1?

2. Calvin says, " whereas the defense of God is greater than all dangers, so _____ triumphs over fear."

3. In Genesis 15:2-3, what concern did Abram present to God?

4. In Genesis 15:5, God promises Abram that his descendants will be as numerous as _______.

5. In Genesis 15:6, we read that Abram believed the Lord, and God counted it to him for _________.

6. Calvin says, " Therefore, we do not say that Abram was justified because he laid hold on a single word, respecting the offspring to be brought forth, but because he embraced God as his ______.

7. What theological point does Paul make in Romans 4:4, based on Genesis 15:6?

8. Calvin says regarding the ceremony in Genesis 15, "In commanding the slaughtered animals to be cut in parts, it is probable that he followed the ancient rite in _______ ______."

9. According to Calvin, what does the ceremony of the cut animals in Genesis 15 teach about God's children?

10. In the vision in Genesis 15, does God reveal to Abram that his people will inherit the land immediately?

11. In the vision in Genesis 15, does God reveal to Abram that he will die soon?

12. According to Calvin, what is symbolized in Genesis 15 by the burning lamp (or torch) that passes between the divided animals?

Chapter 16

1. According to Calvin, why did Sarai suggest to Abram that he have a child with her maid, Hagar?

2. What does Calvin say about polygamy at the time of Abram?

3. According to Calvin, was Abram's faith wavering when he accepted Sarai's suggestion to have a child with Hagar?

4. How did Hagar's attitude toward Sarai change when she became pregnant with a child of Abram?

5. What did the angel tell Hagar to do after she had fled from Sarai (Genesis 16)? 

6. What practical application does Calvin make from the angel's message to Hagar (Genesis 16)?

7. What name was to be given to the son of Hagar and Abram?

8. How does the angel describe Hagar and Abram's future son?

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