Genesis 11:10 to the end of Genesis 13.

Answer the following review questions:

Chapter 11:10-32 

1.Does Calvin agree that Abram was the first born son of Terah?

2. From what is the name of the city "Ur" derived?

Chapter 12

1. What promises were made to Abram in Genesis 12:2-3?

2. According to Calvin, when God called Abram to leave Ur for Canaan, did he first spent time in Haran (or Charran) because he was doubting the promise of God?

3. What did Abram learn from the fact that he was not received kindly by the Canaanites, according to Calvin?

4. According to Calvin, was it wrong for Abram to build an altar after God appeared to him in Canaan?

5. After Abram arrived in Canaan, was he able to stay permanently in one place?

6. Why did Abram and Sarai go to Egypt?

7. What lie did Abram and Sarai tell to Pharoah when they were in Egypt?

8. According to Calvin, what was Abram's motive for lying to Pharoah about Sarai?

Chapter 13

1. Describe Abram's financial situation when he left Egypt to return to Canaan.

2. Why did Abram and Lot separate?

3. Why did Lot choose the plain of the Jordan when he separated from Abram?

4. When Ezekiel speaks of the men of Sodom, what sin does he point out as a reason for their destruction?

5. Calvin concludes, regarding the fact that Abram left Lot and again moved to another place, "Let us therefore walk through the world, as persons debarred from all _______, who have no other resource than the mirror of the word."

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