Lesson 3: A World of Violence (Gen. 4:1–6:8)
Section 2: Original Meaning


II. Original Meaning

A. Connections

  1. Early Violence and Hope

  2. Later Violence and Hope

B. Implications


1. Moses shaped Genesis 4-5 so that Israel would compare Cain's family with the Egyptians. Mention the five parallel associations that Dr. Pratt highlights.

2. According to Dr. Pratt, why did God reject Cain's offering and prefer Abel's offering?

3. What name of God was used at the time of Seth, but came to prominence in the time of Moses?

4. Mention the six characteristics found both in the genealogy of Cain's family and in the description of the Egyptians.

5. How does the Bible describe each of the following sons of Lamech? Jabal, Jubal, and Tubal-Cain.

6. Describe the lineage of the Israelites. Were they descendants of Cain or Seth? They were descendants of which son of Noah?

7. Was having many children was a sign of God's blessing in the time of Moses?

8. Who was Methuselah?

9. Where did the Israelites encounter Nephilim?

10. What parallel was Moses making between his role in the life of Israel and the role of Noah in Genesis 5 and 6?


1. What can we learn from the difference between Cain's offering and Abel's offering? How can you make better offerings to God in your life?

2. What can we learn about sin from Cain and his lineage?

3. What can we learn about righteousness from Seth and his lineage?

4. Can you identify any "Nephilim" in your life? What are they? How can you overcome fear of them and gain victory over them?
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